PWA Configuration

Please follow these steps below to configure the PWA.

  1. Open docker > frontend > package.json file. Update the name.
  2. Now open docker > frontend > nuxt.config.js file. Find the "pwa" section and update the themeColor.
  3. Now it's time to prepare a logo. Please prepare 512 x 512 logo and name it pwa-icon.png. Paste the image in the docker > frontend > static folder.

For VPS server

It's time to build and deploy the script.

  1. Please run npm run build in the docker > frontend folder.
  2. Then run npm run start. to start the server

For shared server

It's time to build locally by running npm run build.

It's required to install node js before build. We are using node 16.14.2. Please use that version in your local machine

Now page go to docker > frontend > dist folder. And paste all the files of this folder in the root of your public_html folder.