Paypal payment gateway

Paypal payment is optional. You can skip this section if you don't want to.

We need paypal client ID and secret key to integrate paypal payment method.

Configure Paypal

  1. Please go to Paypal registration page. And register an account
  2. Put your details and register an account
  3. After successful registration please login to Paypal developer console .
  4. Hover over the email from top right corner or the page.
  5. Then go to the dashboard page.
  6. Click on Api credentials.
  7. Then click on Create App button.
  8. Put all the information and create an app.
  9. After successful creation of the app, please copy the Client ID and secret key.

Setting the Paypal configuration

  1. Please login to the Admin panel.
  2. Go to the Setting > Payment page.
  3. Enable Paypal payment.
  4. Put the paypal Client ID and secret key.
  5. Save the configuration.